A Web Hosting and Outreach Project
for congregations of the Presbyterian Church


Provided by SemiNet, an independent web-hosting project that is designed to provide low-cost,
value-added web hosting and outreach resources
for congregations and organizations of the Presbyterian Church

SemiNet hosts two types of domain names: 
A.  Domain names (like xxx.org, xxx.net) that are registered through any national registrar (like www.godaddy.com or networksolutions.com).
If a congregation does not have a domain name, the registration process can be completed by either the congregation or by SemiNet.  Examples of names that are registered through a registrar and hosted by SemiNet are ninevehpresbyterianchurch.org and sunnysidepc.com.  Registration fees for domain names are paid directly to the chosen registrar and annual fees vary from company to company.

B.  Domain names that are built on the roots pcusa.cc or pcusa.us pcusa.cc and pcusa.us are a unique domain-name services. These custom names are created by SemiNet and offer churches and other Presbyterian organizations a wide range of individual choices.  Examples of this model would be clarkstonpres.pcusa.cc and westminster.pcusa.cc. The cost for a name built on the pcusa.cc or pcusa.us roots is a onetime setup charge of $30.  Unlike the domain names secured through a registrar, there are no annual costs for the use of the domain name.

SemiNet offers affordable Web hosting:
In addition to hosting the two types of domain names, SemiNet also offers high-quality, affordable Web hosting though Pair Networks located in Pittsburgh.  Bills are sent to congregations by email and congregations are able to enjoy substantial savings by paying on an annual basis.  Hosting costs are:

One time set-up fee:  $30.00
Annual hosting fee:  $85.00 (paid annually) or $120 (if billed by email and paid monthly)
There are no require time contracts and satisfaction is guaranteed.  

The hosting services provided are as follows:

- 30 GB/month Transfer
   + Over-usage costs $4.95 for each GB over the monthly allowance
that works out to less than 1 cent per megabyte transferred

- 1000MB Disk Space
   + Plenty of space for your site and supporting documents
   + Over-usage costs 10 cents for each MB increase in the daily average

- 4 MySQL Databases
   + Perfect for maintaining database driven Web sites
   + Add MySQL databases for only $3/month per database

- 80  Mailboxes
   + Mailboxes for everyone in your organization
   + Add even more for only $1/month per mailbox

- Serious Junk E-Mail Filtering and Virus Scanning

   + Junk E-Mail Filtering
uses top-notch open-source software and advanced filtering methods
adjust filtering levels (from Light to Very Aggressive)
create lists to allow or deny specific addresses
   + Virus Scanning
uses the acclaimed open-source software, Clam AntiVirus
prevents e-mail containing viruses from reaching your e-mail box

-- Access by Telnet, SSH, FTP
   + Update your files directly from the server or via FTP
Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure FTP (SFTP) are available

- Full Development Environment
   + PHP (as a module), Perl (with many modules), Python, C, C++, Tcl, and    more
   + Level 1 & 2 System CGI (free scripts)
   + Use of Cron Jobs permitted (up to once per hour)

How to Establish a Domain Name and Web Hosting with SemiNet
The time required to establish a new domain name and new web hosting with SemiNet (or to move an existing church web site to SemiNet) is often less than one day.  To establish web hosting or for more information email Rev. John Davenport, a Presbyterian USA minister (Mission Presbytery) who understands the special needs and opportunities of Presbyterian congregations and ministry projects.